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You may be wondering where to buy milk thistle, which isn’t surprising, as this wonderful plant boasts a number of health benefits. People have been taking milk thistle for thousands of years, using it as a remedy for kidney, gall bladder and liver problems. In the modern era, scientific research has pointed to milk thistle’s effectiveness at guarding your liver from certain dangerous compounds. It may even be able to protect your liver from the potential damaging effects which Tylenol can have on your liver.

In fact, Europe has been aware of milk thistle’s healing properties for many years, and it is prescribed as medicine by doctors over there on a regular basis. Clearly, milk thistle is a wonderful addition to your health regimen, but you may be asking where to buy milk thistle with the best quality at the lowest price? To help you find the right product for you, let’s cover your available choices in more detail below.

At Health Food Stores

While many brick and mortar health food stores are likely to carry milk thistle, these are often the most expensive option. Why is this? Unlike online retailers, health food stores must pay a whole host of overhead costs, including utility bills, cashiers and their mortgage or rent. In stark contrast, online stores don’t have any of these overhead expenses – so they can pass their savings on to you.

Online Retailers

As just covered above, online retailers are your best bet when searching for high quality milk thistle at a low price. Yet, you may be unsure where to start, as you have an abundance of different options to choose from. To help you narrow down your search, check out these quality online retailers first:

Lucky Vitamin
It is important to keep in mind, that milk thistle is sometimes labeled as silymarin instead. Why is this? Silymarin is actually derived from milk thistle seeds, and it is thought to be the active ingredient which delivers all of the positive health benefits. When searching for “milk thistle” you will often get results for “silymarin” as well, so it is important to know that many people consider them to be the same.

Lucky Vitamin boasts a huge number of different brands, of various strengths and quality. You can buy their cheapest bottle for about $5, and prices range all the way up to almost $40. It is important to select a brand that you trust, as you don’t want to purchase milk thistle of questionable quality just to save money. An inferior or low dose milk thistle supplement is unlikely to provide you with any positive benefits, so it may be a waste of money in the long run.

Unfortunately, Lucky Vitamin offers so many different options, it may be difficult to narrow it down to the best one.

Another well-respected online health retailer, Vitacost offers a plethora of milk thistle products. Again the prices range from about $5 on the low end, to around $40 on the upper side. Keep in mind however, when wondering where to buy milk thistle online, price is not the only consideration. Quality, strength and the other ingredients included make a significant difference in your overall results with the product.

Natural Wellness
Finally, Natural Wellness offers six unique milk thistle products – each with their own particular benefit. If you are serious about finding the best milk thistle options on the market today, then this is the place to shop! What makes them different from the sites just covered above?

They offer the world’s highest potency milk thistle supplement (UltraThistle), considered to be prescription level protection for your liver. In the past, you could only purchase this from your healthcare provider, but now you can buy it straight from the source without a prescription.

Another Natural Wellness product is Maximum Milk Thistle, which throws the issue of cost versus quality into sharp relief. While more expensive than the cheaper brands, your body is able to absorb it an astonishing ten times more effectively! The benefits don’t stop there, as it is a full twenty times more effective than traditional milk thistle. When compared to the absorption and potency of inferior options, you actually end up saving money (and your health) with this type of product.
In conclusion, when asking where to buy milk thistle, your best route is to search online for the right product. You are likely to find a cheaper price and a better product, when compared to a traditional brick and mortar store. Yet, you have many online retailers to choose from, including Lucky Vitamin and Vitacost. While they have an abundance of trusted name brands for sale, if you want the most effective and potent milk thistle available, then head over to Natural Wellness today. When you do, your liver will thank you, as you begin to reap the amazing health benefits of their remarkable milk thistle supplements!

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Infographic: Brand Comparison Of Milk Thistle

Infographic: Brand Comparison Of Milk Thistle

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