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Milk Thistle is a special type of herbal supplement that helps to detoxify and protect vital liver functions. People have been using it for over 2000 years as a natural treatment for various liver disorders. The scientific name of the plant is Silybum marianum, but it is mostly referred to as milk thistle. It is an herbaceous biennial or annual plant that comes from Asteraceae family and can grow to be 10ft tall. Its flowers are purple and red in color.

The name milk thistles originates from the white, milky fluid that is excreted by the plants leaves when they are crushed. It is indigenous to Southern Europe, Asia Minor, Southern Russia and North Africa. In has also been naturalized in certain parts of North and South America.

Europeans were among the first people to use milk thistle seeds for the treatment of various liver disorders. However, the seeds curative capabilities have been well-known since ancient times.

Benefits of Milk Thistle

-For the past forty years, various studies and medical reports regarding milk thistle have been released. They have helped to confirm the therapeutic value of milk thistle in a variety of liver related conditions. These studies show the mechanisms of milk thistle and how it works to sort out a wide range of liver related disorders. Medical researchers have provided evidence that clearly shows the remarkable ability of milk thistle to provide adequate protection for not only the liver, but also the entire body. It can prevent a huge number of bodily disorders.

-The NIH or National Institutes of Health and the United States National Library of Medicine have catalogued over 400 medical studies related to milk thistle and all its active compounds. All this information is contained in their medicine databases. These studies show what past generations knew about milk thistle and how they depended on it. They state that milk thistle is still considered to be one of the most valuable herbal treatments available. In addition, this notion is shared by ha huge number of countries all over the world.

-In today’s medical world, milk thistle is one of the most used medicinal plants. It also comes highly recommended by various physicians for the treatment of liver disorders. It is considered to be very healthy and 100% natural. In Europe, milk thistle is largely prescribed by doctors. They use it to treat disorders such as mushroom poisoning, chronic hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis, drug-induced liver damage and acute viral hepatitis, just to mention a few.

-Milk thistle is used for maintaining a healthy liver. It offers protection against the negative effects of alcohol, a polluted environment and an unhealthy workplace. In addition, it also protects the liver from other kinds of diseases.

Silymarin is considered to be the main active ingredient in milk thistle. In order for it to be effective, a person should take a dose 420 mg a day. This will offer adequate protection for the liver. A good milk thistle product should display approximately how much silymarin is contained within each dose. In most cases, it is about 80%. As a conscious consumer, you will need to do your own calculations to determine just how much you need for a proper and effective dosage. Remember not to take too much.

The medical and patient community can rest assured that more research will be conducted on milk thistle. In the meantime, most studies clearly show that it is very safe to use. It is an effective, natural treatment for various liver ailments. Milk thistle is particularly beneficial to individuals who have used or are using liver toxic substances such alcohol or other kinds of medications. Milk thistle may also be used to as a preventive measure because it can protect the liver from the potential damage caused by medications such as phenytoin, acetaminophen and cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. In addition, taking milk thistle can prove to be very beneficial to the general health of your body.

Because of its proven health capabilities, the use and popularity of milk thistle continues to grow with each day. The high number of people experiencing liver problems has also played a significant in its increased use. When compared to other synthetic drugs, milk thistle is a safe and natural option that can help to sort out a variety of liver disorders.

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Infographic: Brand Comparison Of Milk Thistle

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